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Instant Tragedy

May 19, 2010 at 10:34 am


I remember being part of a baseball team when I was 7. I sucked. I was the worst baseball player on my team, the Giants. I led the league in strikeouts, walks , hit by pitch , stolen bases and had a .000 batting average.

Yup .000 . When I actually grounded out the last game of the season I was carried off the field because I didn’t give up. I kept trying, I kept swinging even though in hindsight, maybe I should have gotten a pair of glasses before I started to play rather than wait 31 years to do so.

Never giving up isn’t the lesson I’m talking about today though.

Recently I’ve been honored to be part of the group of poker bloggers that I’ve palled around with the last 3 + years. Because of the connections of these said bloggers one of them, the Rev. Alcanthang, has been able to provide 5 Battle of the Blogger Tournaments.

Each time the flood gates would open with those friends , readers, fellow poker players and people to this day I still don’t know.

People would come together, from the North, South, East and West. To play, to laugh and to have fun and take FREE MONEY.

Sometimes people would be questioned by their actions and their play. Loretta8 has written an excellent blog post on it and I encourage you to read it.

In the recent BBT5 I’ve tried to play a different game, more aggressive and it hasn’t done well. I went back to my old game for the last BBT5 Invitational and finished 32nd when my A9o was no match for 8c6c from Change100. I don’t blame Change ONE BIT for knocking me out. Matter of fact I respect her play. Because she was pushing with ATC and had already doubled me up once in the tourney when I started to get low stacked. She was being aggressive and playing position poker. She was trying to make a move to double up to make a move for the final table. Do I have any regrets lately? Nope, because I let Numbblowme catch up with his pocket 9’s to his straight and I deserved to make that crying call to his turned straight. I wished everyone good luck and gg and moved on.

Before I would be ranting and raving. But it has no purpose now. The only purpose ranting and raving does is to give someone who feels ENTITLED their outlet for how bad the other persons play was and how they DESERVED to win.

Look folks, I’m going to say it only once.

You don’t deserve NOTHING. You are ENTITLED to NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.

It’s poker.

I’ve gone in and had people catch their one out on me and then go running around the room (at a live tournament). What can I do, NOTHING, but try and make the best of what the cards I’ve been given.

You can only do so much when your Kings hold up 3 times versus the same opponent and you get to say nothing when they don’t. Why? Because you won the other three times. Shut up and move on.

If you are knocked out of a tourney, nut up and realize that there will be some other tourney in some other place, website or live. And for you to win, you have to be lucky, skilled and fortunate. Lucky to win a race or two, skilled where you realize that you are putting in your money in hands when you are ahead, and fortunate to win when your reads are wrong.

And that’s where this blog post is going to.

Ladies and gentlemen. You are entitled to nothing. You are a fortunate daughters and a fortunate son to play a game and be given bonus money provided by people who have done nothing but fight for you.

When some of you were angry on how the BBT turned out, it was changed for the BBT2 and so forth. Alcanthang has done some amazing things for us and you have the balls the unmitigated testicular fortitude to rip him because you are not in the tourney? Because you feel like you got screwed?


Every time Al is down with one of these GRINDING exhibitions of greed and insanity he says , “Never Again!”

But somehow when the chips are down he nuts up and finds the suckers , and I mean it in the nicest way, at Full Tilt to provide our group and our readers with FREE CASH, SEATS, RAKE.



When the BBT is gone, the tournament sizes go down and people who used to play a ton disappear into their own cherry places with the never ending donkeys and fish.

And do we say Thank You?

Some of us are thankful that we got invited, some take it as an entitlement. Something that they DESERVE.

Look, I’ve made some smart moves and some dumb moves in my life, but I will never look a gift horse in the mouth EVER.

I did it once, I looked at the future of a project that I loved and saw the potential. I worked when others fear to tread. And when I left the project it was on an upward pattern to success.

Then the people involved thought that they shouldn’t listen to their CUSTOMERS and in the end the project is dead. It doesn’t exist anymore. The people on it have moved around the world and the project that I knew would be an incredible success now has been surpassed by others who didn’t look clients, sponsors in the mouth and say FUCK YOU to them.

How many e-mails does Al get when the invitational list was started? How many people thought they were ENTITLED to be there, though Al didn’t even make the list of people who were invited. He took the entire BBT 1-5 lists and sent it to Full Tilt for their choosing.

And yet, some of us continued to bitch and complain, whining about how they DESERVE to be in the tourney.

SHUT THE HELL UP. Not everybody gets in.

I sat the bench many a game because I sucked in Little League. But I didn’t tell you the entire story. Our entire team sucked. We had some good players and some bad. But we were on the cusp of making a special run because of one game.

It was the quarterfinals of the playoffs. I can still smell the grass of that day. I was playing left field and we had fought back from a 4-1 deficit to actually tie it up in the bottom of the 8th at 4. I made a good play on a ball and the big stud on our team made a play to bring us tied in the bottom of the 9th. My coach looked at me and rather than pinch hitting for me he looked me in the eye and said “Sean, make this guy walk you on 4 straight pitches, or you can hit a home run. Your choice.”
I strode up to the batter’s box and dug in like everyone else did. I have a photo of me in my uni with my bat on my shoulder they should have nicknamed me the “Statue” because I wasn’t going to swing. But the perfect pitch came and I made an effort.

And I missed.

He threw the next pitch outside and then one way inside when it hit me straight on the batter’s helmet. Yes it rang my bell, but I wobbled my way to first base. My coach looked at me, patted my butt and told me to “put us in position to win son,” and I led off from first. Three pitches later I had caught my breath and after the courtesy look by the pitcher at me I started my run. I ran and ran until through a cloud of dust I was on second. I looked up at the umpire for approval and his outstretched arms told me I had made it. Though the next two batters struck out and flew out and we were down to our last out, I needed the rush again. So I looked to the third base coach and signed the “Let me take third coach”. He shook his head no. Then as our teams big stud stepped to the plate, coach called out to me and gave me the “it’s your call” sign.

I nodded my head and watched two pitches and knew that since it was 0-2 that anything hit was bringing me in, so why not steal now. The pitcher sailed a high fastball and I was gone… my little legs running as fast as I could and when I slid, I slid over the base. But my toes were touching the base. The big stud next lofted a base hit, while I was trying to steal home and we won the game.

Now after the game was over I remembered some parent asking why I was in the game. After all I sucked.

“Just because” was my friend Darren’s response.

Everything else didn’t matter because the power to be, my coach, let me play.

I didn’t have to play. But because I was invited to, I played my ass off and we won.

If you are invited to play, play like your life depends on it, because you never know when you’ll be stuck in the bench watching and waiting to get into the game.

If you weren’t invited to play, I’m sorry. I didn’t make the list for the INVITATIONAL but I encourage you support the people who are playing in it. If you want to play there are plenty of other opportunities with the Poker from the Rail tourney as well as the Wednesday night tourney (Mookie, Douche whatever you want to call it.)

Take this opportunity not to feel like you are entitled to play.

Take this opportunity to play if you want to and direct all complaints to the nearest brick wall.
Don’t complain to me in chat, on the girly chat or direct anything else to Alcanthang, because in the end every year I can hear him say “Never again for these ingrates.” But yet, every year he comes and shows us the money.

So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and just suck it up.

Don’t like the way someone made a play?

Tough shit.

You’re out of the tourney, just like me and there’s another OPPORTUNITY for you to win another time.

Remember winners are people who sometimes are losers, but losers can never see themselves as a winner.

Don’t be a sore loser, loser or a jerk. Just play cards.

And give your chips to me.

What do you think you are? Entitled?

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    Amen brother and I will be the first to admit that I have bitched, never look a gift horse in the mouth. Al I am sorry and you the man. SOCO shots on me

    oossuuu754 on May 20th, 2010
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