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Instant Tragedy

February 1, 2010 at 11:32 pm

How to lose a tournament in under 6 hours.

I played the WBCOOP tourney on Poker Stars on Saturday and my previous attempts had me out before the dodo birds who were being BLINDED out were eliminated.

So I had no confidence in my game.

I made the following decisions to change my play today.

1. Make people pay for their draws.  No cheap continuation bets when I had the best hand pre-flop and even if I did post-flop.

2. No cheap flops when I had quality cards and even when I was making moves.  Unless I got caught, I was playing the player and not the hand.

and most importantly…

3. Have confidence in my reads.  Trust them and there was a time when throwing away AK when AKQ hit was the right play.

(In this example I was behind TWO sets. Thank You RNG!

But I played those three rules to this portion of the 30-60 blinds.

Yup , first place.  But now I had to keep it up.

After a brutal beat (screw you, you don’t get a dollar for this bad beat story), where my Kings were bettered by a rivered set of Queens, I had fallen down.

But I decided that the player who rivered me would be my target until the blinds were down.  Every time he raised, I re-raised, showing the Bammer once and the Hammer a couple of times.

His anger was evident when I pulled the Reverse Hoy on him and left him with one single chip winning the revenge hand when his rivered broadway was no good to my Ace high flush… funny thing is that I only had the Suited Blake on me (62 of spades) and the anger came back to me from him.

The name has been changed to protect the innocent and the stupid.

Fish: Even a donkey has its day doesn’t it. I did your mom last night and all she could do is scream.

My reply was : She told me that she still hasn’t felt you put it in yet.

Which got the table on a roll.

And me back to second place.

But then I realized that I was doing SO WELL, that there was no way that I was going to be able to finish the tourney before I had to head to work.

So I had to leave shortly thereafter thinking that I would only be gone an hour and a half… I had to have a big enough stack to ride out for a bit…

So I left, in second place with 48K in chips hoping that I could survive.

But as I came back , finished with my event, running into the office, trying to get logged in on my laptop, first I had to download the update and then I couldn’t remember which of the 7 passwords I rotate I had given, and Poker Stars couldn’t send me my password, because something was screwed up and I couldn’t log back in.

So there you have it, I blinded away as I watched, e-mail to support, again and again until I gave up.

And so did my stack.

My last hand was right before the break, and I had several hands as I looked up the hand archives that I could have played.  KK, AA, JJ and 2 sets of twos.

But it wasn’t meant to be.

Now some of you would bring up that any of those hands could have been to my detriment, to my demise. But

But in the end I have a $16.50 Scoop entry and .32 cents in my Stars account.

I have a hopes and dreams in my life and in the end I will once again make it to a big tournament, and this time I won’t be blinded away.

But then again, I could act like Hellmuth…

When it’s tragic, it’s Instant Tragedy.

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    REMON :-(

    GL GL GL with the $16.50 ticket. You can totally turn that into something niiiiiiiiiiiiiice!

    BWoP on February 2nd, 2010
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