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January 18, 2010 at 8:49 pm

Fuel Rocks Part #2 + OBFV # 2

Just for Fuel!

Fuel is correct...

What caused this?

Real easy…

Donkey in previous 2 hands called off 1/3 of his chips with King high and a pair of 3’s on a all face board.

Poker Stars $1.00+$0.15 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t10/t20 Blinds – 10 players – View hand 484532

The Official Hand History Converter

UTG+1: t1460 M = 48.67

UTG+2: t910 M = 30.33

MP1: t2970 M = 99

MP2: t1470 M = 49

MP3: t1300 M = 43.33

CO: t1560 M = 52

BTN: t1150 M = 38.33

SB: t1480 M = 49.33

BB: t1200 M = 40

Hero (UTG): t1500 M = 50

Pre Flop: (t30) Hero is UTG with 5 of hearts 5 of diamonds

Hero raises to t140, 1 fold, UTG+2 raises to t910 all in, 7 folds, Hero calls t770

Flop: (t1850) 3 of hearts 4 of spades J of spades (2 players – 1 is all in)

Turn: (t1850) 7 of clubs (2 players – 1 is all in)

River: (t1850) 5 of spades (2 players – 1 is all in)

Final Pot: t1850

UTG+2 shows A of clubs Q of clubs (high card Ace)

Hero shows 5 of hearts 5 of diamonds (three of a kind, Fives)

Hero wins t1850

Then OBFV! And to scare away nasty drawing hands

Made an OBFV when flopping Broadway. Scared of the heart draw so, make em pay for it when I have the best hand…

And pay he does…

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