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Instant Tragedy

December 14, 2009 at 12:25 am

When is it worth it to call with…


PokerStars, $125/250 NO Limit Texas Holdem Tournament, 6 Players

CO: $3,695
Button: $1,495
SB: $1,775
BB: $2,035
UTG: $4,140
UTG+1: $1,860
Dealt to: BB
(3 folds), Button raises to $1,470 and is all-in, (2 folds), Button returns $1,220,
Button wins $775

I’m not going to call this hand for such a large raise… I’m not getting enough to make it worth my while

Or am I?

When is it worth to call an all in with any two cards?

Tell me in the comments…

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