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March 12, 2009 at 9:50 am

OK Schaubs…


I still think and believe in my team, but for the 1st Quarter you were superior and you win the first QUARTER of the bet.  $12.50 will be on the way to you as soon as I get it from Wawfuls who still has to pay me the $100 he owes me :-).

Thanks for a great and exciting first 3 months of the year.


As for the rest of the year, hopefully my team shows up sometime.  And I’d like to make my subsitutes now.  And have team captains money count.

We agreed on subsitutes would be allowed.  So let me add them now.  Hmmm

Stop being mad at Full Tilt about connection problems and just realize that your ISP is conspiring against you because of your huge lead in the Mookie with your all ringer team.

So let me make my subs and lets move on with the second quarter.

Because this is an organized retreat so I can win the higher ground.

What do you say Schaubs?

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    It sure has been an exciting first three months! Don’t worry about payment just yet, if you want to send me part of it, then that is your choice, but if you somehow mount a comeback then I’ll just owe you more than the orginal bet!

    As far “subs” go I believe we only picked one sub each. I would wait until the end as it really doesn’t matter at this point.

    Captains money does not count in this bet. However I am open to another bet between you and I which would start in Week 11 and any money earned previously would not count.

    As far as an ISP consipiracy… I said in my post that POKERSTARS works just fine. I was just being cheeky and I appreciate your support in wanting me back in the game… but honestly I just need a break and maybe this was the excuse I was looking for. I intend to honor it, so you won’t hear much about them unless I manage to get through a tournament without incident, then you’ll know I’m back to being normal Schaubs.

    Schaubs on March 12th, 2009
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    Happy Birthday!

    Acornman on March 23rd, 2009
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