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Instant Tragedy

January 27, 2009 at 1:57 pm

Answering the question that plagues men…

My friend Doug (Millerd33) showed me a post on the Riverchasers site…

With the question :

On another note, what 5 women do you all think are the best in Riverchasers? I’m just curious.

The Hot one
The quiet one
The drunk one
The easy one
Al Cant Hang (well he looks like a chick)

My answer is the following…

The Hot one will talk your ear off and will ask you questions like “does my ass look fat in this dress”

The quiet one will rip your junk off because she may be quiet in life, when the bedroom door closes, the whips and ky come out.  Silent in public, FREAKY in Private.

The drunk one ends up puking on your floor and you have to hold her hair back. And then she blames you for getting her drunk and punching you in the junk.

The easy one is the one usually who either everyone has done and everyone is scratching or is the one that is easy and nobody really ever admits doing her.

As for Al, buy him a shot¬† and he’ll buy you two back. Best Bitch evah!

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