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December 8, 2008 at 12:31 pm

Poker Goodies…

Full Disclosure: I’ve played in many of the Poker Stars Blogger Tournaments and with a #1521st and 85th place finish respectfully. I’ve grown to enjoy these tournaments.

However I will not be participating in this recent event of Poker Stars Blogger Tournaments.  My reasons shall follow but first I have to make some points:

1. I loves me a good tournament, bonus prizes, bounties, I LOVE EM ALL!

2. Recently my friend Jordan, blogged about him passing the Poker Stars tournament.  People came to his aid and some to attack.  Now neither here nor there I am still friends with all involved.  I think he was making a decision to explain why he was passing.  His thoughts were well thought out. I don’t think there was an air of entitlement in it at all.  It was pure business and lawyering logic.

It wasn’t Poker Stars, it was him.  He is under no obligation to take any offer.  He reserves the right to refuse service to anyone!

What about the time and effort you spend on the way to the prize.  What is your opportunity cost in exchange to what you get? I think the key is the time and energy spent to get to where you need to make it worth your time.

Remember I spent hours and hours to be the 85th best poker blogger and got a Poker Stars bag, shirt, hat and deck of cards.  I was excited to get those prizes .  But right now my time is more valuable.  I’ve pulled away from ventures that were -EV because the input of my time were not being valued.

Recently I refused blogging offers for several places where I didn’t feel comfortable accepting what little there was offered to me.  Yes, I did take the Lock Poker offer and I was looking for a non Bodog/Full Tilt poker experience because that’s all I have really taken a chance on in the last three years.  My Poker Stars account is still around and I occasionally play there but I’ve played there for awhile.  Lock Poker offered me a new experience.  If I get lucky and find a way of getting the money out someday I will be happy.  If I don’t the opportunity cost to me was worth it.  It gave me an opportunity to play a different skin and see different sharks and fish.  I was playing poker and the game remains the same, I suck out horribly or get sucked out on.

But as for my friend Jordan, I hope he will take his two link ad s with pride and ship me $20 to my Poker Stars account IM men if you need details. :-) . All in good fun my friend.

As for me if I might have an opportunity to play in the Poker Stars Blogger Invitational, I would, but I am passing on the Poker Stars tourney because my kids will be in town, and I value my kids more than 99.99% of poker tournaments in the world.

Maybe I feel entitled.

I should.  My kids are my life.  Poker is just a way to make them smile more.


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    I played in the 1st qualifying tournament and got 31st place and a Step2 PCA ticket and an entry to the Blogger final on Sunday. The prizes they offer this year aren’t good unless you final table it but hey, a challenge is still a challenge.

    Chipper Dave on December 16th, 2008
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