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December 2, 2008 at 7:44 am

The 2008 Elite Eight Blogger Awards

PC World has put out the list of the Top 11 Lamest blogs has the list.  But during this holiday season I thought I would put out the Instant Tragedy/  list of

The Elite 8’s

Yup, lists in eight of things I love, hate etc…

Let’s start it off..  See the other sets at my Life Blog

Elite 8 Do I know you?

This award goes to the Top 8 blogs/rss feeds that I look at though I know that they may never post again or so infreuently that I consider deleting them from the blogroll and then decide nahh.

8. Random thoughts and thoroughbred selections – Bg come home…

7. Guinness and Polka – Daddy come home!

6. O8 games are going dry, Omaha games are not….sigh….time to switch. – Trauma Poker’s foray back into the blogosphere after disappearing after the december gathering last year.

5. In pursuit of mobney – Now everyone knew him as JIM DIN NEE AC until I gave him his name Gentlemen Jim.  But maybe it was school, maybe it was life but he’s not there.  Come home Gentlemen Jim, I have a shot with your name on it.

4. Deception through honesty – Crazdgamer always had me looking when we’d play against each other, but he’s been MIA!

3. Bring a duece – Zeem, are you still there?????

2. Untitled – Pauly’s attempt at yet another novel.  Once again the master seems to find a way to suck me in, and then leave me dry.  Please Pauly, more sir.

1. Dear Poker Diary – Surflexus pwns the Mookie.  Nobody can stop him.  I am four weeks of winning my simple $10 bet that Mookie/Hoy will NOT win the Mookie by the end of the year with Schaubs.  But even though he’s been playing here and there I miss the thoughts of Surf.  Anyone who has tried to win a low stakes MTT needs to read his thoughts on how to do it.

Elite Hated

This award goes to the Top 8 blogs/rss feeds that I look at that are hated by few.

8. Luckownage – He’s Lucko and he sucko.  But can he win tourneys!!!

7. Creativity breeds madness – He’s from Canada, um, I’ve got nothing

6. Hammer Player’s Poker Blog – Yup, love him or hate him , you have to respect that he still finds away to throw out 1000 word posts like they were tissue.

5. Adventures on the Felt – Smokkee is loved by all… ahahah have you read some of the comments?

4. Blogs R Ghey – Nope Chad deleted this one

3. No, Chad deleted this one too.

2. Yeah, Chad deleted this one too.

1.  Ramblings of a Mad Man (A.K.A Online Poker Thoughts) - Know it or not, he loves the hate.  He feels loved when he is hated or when he is throwing out a LEVEL 5 Rage.

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    I’ll take you up on that shot soon enough sir. School has been busy, and my personal laptop has gone kaput within the last couple weeks. The time before that is a story for another time. Don’t give up on me yet sir.

    [Blocked by CFC] Gentleman Jim on December 11th, 2008
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