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October 13, 2008 at 7:23 am

The Fall of Rome…

I am glad that the imposed ban on poker by the girlfriend and myself (in an attempt to finish the house work) is over.

I’ll be donking it up in the LivePokerRadio Tour tonight.

Now I’ve been wondering where everyone has gone in my poker cyberspace.

But we’ve all headed out with activities whether it would be killing the live games or just moving on with poker.

Is Poker Blogging Passe now?

All great societies grow, expand and then explode destroying themselves under the weight of its largeness.

I believe that we have reached that period of time. My reasons…

  1. Explosion of poker blogging and tourneys with the creation of the BBT, BBT2, and BBT3 caused people to create poker blogs to get some of the OUTSTANDING prizes gotten to us by Alcanthang, MiamiDon, Mookie and Riggstad.  This influx of pokerbloggers caused the blogger events to grow exponentially.  Was it worth it? I dunno.
  2. The blogger gathering has gone to yet segmented appearances by persons who wish that the gatherings would have never gotten so big.  With the exception of the tournament, which some people didn’t even participate in , you will find bloggers gathering together in their own cliches.  I think that you have to reach out and go across your comfort zone to cross “Cliche-Lines” for gatherings to have focus.  And I am guilty of being in the “Okie-Cliche” that would rather go to Okie Vegas than the Summer Gathering “make up”.  We’ve gotten so big that we had to have a weekend, a make up weekend and an alternative weekend for those who wanted to stay on a lake and have fun singing Kareoke with friends.
  3. Time

One thing is Universal… Waffles is hated and yet loved at the same time.

Rome is destroyed and has been replaced with a smaller, more compact community.  But it will grow and continue to be valued.  For in the depths of the ruins were lessons that we all learned. We all grew and some of us grew apart.  Some moved on so they didn’t have to continue their legendary status, some left to start new ventures that succeeded, some left to failed ones. Some have fought the image that was justly put on them , some will never lose an unjust story.

The ashes are hot and all it will take is some light tinder for the fire to be generated again.  I’ll start to post some poker hands and some analysis for you tonight.


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    It’s the “(anti)Social Networking” aspect of the silly interwebs. Same way people have 3000+ “friends” on facebook and have no idea who half of them are or whether or not they went to grade school together but their name sound familiar.

    I personally stopped playing online because it seemed futile and I got into other time consuming stuff instead. Sure, I might pop up here or there if I have a free night and want to donk it up, but I ain’t goin’ pro anytime soon.

    I still love reading your tragic blog though, mi amigo!

    Kajagugu on October 13th, 2008
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