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July 10, 2008 at 8:54 am

A counter argument to Pauly

Now Pauly in Tao of Poker said yesterday:

Here’s some reason why I don’t think poker is a sport….

You can get massages in the middle of playing poker so it’s not a sport. It’s one thing for pros to get worked on at halftime, on the bench, or in between sets in tennis. But you don’t see Derek Jeter up at the plate with a hot masseuse working on hi neck. And you won’t see a hottie massaging LeBron’s toes when he shoots a free throw.

You can drink beer while playing poker so it’s not a sport. Scotty Nguyen. Men the Master. Minneapolis Jom Meehan. They all like a good cocktail at the tables. Sure, old school professional athletes drank during games like Night Tran Lane and Babe Ruth probably knocked back a cold one in between innings while he stuffed his face with hotdogs. Joe D used to smoke in the dugout and the bat boys used to make sure he had a lit ciggie waiting for him when he came off the field and into the dugout. But today? You couldn’t see Pedro Martinez walk to the back of the mound, bend over, and take a huge pull off of a tallboy. I’d love to see Mikael Samuelsson do a shot of tequila on the bench before a line change. But that’s just not gonna happen.


Poker is as much as a sport as NASCAR is a sport…

Imagine if Danica Patrick or Tony Stewart had to chug a beer before they could leave their pits.  Imagine the accidents then.  What’s sporting about NASCAR?  Pedal to floor, turn left. 

Both poker players and nascar drivers have to worry about the “wheel”, if the pits will treat them right, and they have to watch out for other donkeys around them. 

Both Poker and Nascar have the superstars and the people who churn their way to a good living and then disappear never to win again (Hello Jeremy Mayfield, Hello Robert Varkoni).

Both have to depend on the asshatery of others that in the end can now only take others out but themself too.

Both have Regional Strongholds (Poker : AC and Vegas)  (NASCAR : The Southeast)

Both have lost heroes (Chip Reese, Dale Sr.) Both have jackasses (K. Busch, Hellmuth)

Both have the young guns and underdogs.

Both have seniors that no one will deny their place in history… (Doyle Brunson, Richard Petty)

Both have their Valhalla : Ppoker has the WSOP and Nascar has Daytona.

So when everything is done and you look at everything…

Yes, Poker = NASCAR!

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