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May 22, 2008 at 11:17 am

A busy day today and BOOOOM!

I have to go see my lawyer today. She’s bringing another lawyer so this doesn’t look good for me. Just a bunch of paper signing. At least I ‘m getting lunch out of the deal… :-)

Going to be a LONNNG night tonight with changes being requested by the big big head honcho.

Played at the Buffalo Wild Wings Poker Shootout last night and I took it down. It was my first live tournament in 2008. Wednesday night is Shootout Poker. Win your table and you are at the final table. I had a tough time in the beginng on my starting table by getting out drawn by Mr. Horn Rimmed Glasses.

Well HRG would raise 200 ( at 20/40) blinds after the flop. And at first I was thinking that he must have had a small part of the flop and I folded my overs and my draws. I’d flop TPTK and he’d call down to the river with bottom pair and find trips once and top 2 on some lucky rivers. We started with 1000 in chips and I via Trips vs rivered runner runner flush was down to 160 chips. As HRG folded a hand that he had bluffed at I saw and my table mate saw that he bet 200 with 4 2 os with a Q J K Q board.

“You should be glad you folded. Broadway was no good there as my queens full was PERFECT!”

Then I saw him bluff again, same 200 bet, same result, guys folding to him left and right. I had worked my way back up to 250 chips and I put my big blind of 40 out there, cept when HRG was raking in his chips, he tried to take one of my red chips. I had 210 behind me and I noticed that he had drug one of my chips. I pointed out his mistake and he said “oops, must have been a mistake sir. Here I’ll give you 5 , I’ve got plenty.”

That’s when I decided to take every single chip he had.

I wake up with pocket fours and HRG looks at me and just calls. Everyone could see fire coming from my eyes and it was on. A flop of Ks8d5h on the board and HRG pulls the 200 bet. The dealer folds his cards and shrugs at me.

“Fine I can get back in time for the Mook. I’m all in.”

He sheepishly turns up 6s9c.

Two blanks and I’m up to 620.

Few hands later he tries it again, on my big blind. Except I woke up with Kings and his 10-4 Good Buddy was in the much with more chips being slung my way.

I was at 1845 when I woke up with Aces and he tries the 1000 bet (which is what he increased it to when blinds were 40-80.

I quickily shove all in.

“No, 200 bets allowed here,” I said.

He folded, “I think you have a monster.”

Any time he bet 1000 I pushed all in with ATC. Finally he bet 500 when I flopped top TPTK with nut flush draw. I called. My dreams came true when my nut flush hit and he pushed all in. I just smiled when I called and flopped over the nut flush and was suprised when he still had outs, as he had bottom two pair. a blank, the 2 of clubs hit the river and I yelled “DUCK!” and HRG was done. I was up to 4500 and a majority of the chips on the table.

From then I rolled over the table hitting my oesd against bottom pair sitting down Russ and it was time for the Final Table.

We had a sudden microburst and the car wash near us lost part of its roof, and a tree fell down on a guy’s new Camaro. I knew I had to do my best. With a thirty min break until the final table, I went to the house, checked in with my friends and made sure Mugsy was cool. I got good luck wishes from Rachel and headed back to the tourney.

From then I played tight the first four hands . I had my live game arch-nemisis Josh, sitting to my right, with a CAG to my left +1. I looked at the table and knew the key was to be patient and make the moves where people had to put their chips in with less than optimal situation. There was a lot of action and one guy had gotten hosed when his two pair werre counterfeited on the river. With 500-1000 blinds,I found King Ten of diamonds in the big blind and watched CAG bump it up two thousand with two callers when it came to me I was getting good odds on my money so I called.

The flop came out AD KC JD. There was no way I was getting away form this hand. I had gutshot straight, nut flush and Royal Flush draws and since I have yet still never had a Royal, I was determined. CAG Bet 2K, guy in mp called and I called. 10 sp hit the turn and I was concerned but CAG checked and MP bet 2K. I called and the river was the 4 D. Now I was still concerned about the boat possibilities on the board but I knew that MP was still steaming about the counterfeited two pair and he checks. I put him all in and he calls. Now maybe making him play for all his chips was less than optimal, but I still had chips behind me and I play better short stacked.

He turned over Ah10h for yet another two pair, I tabled my nut flush and took out my first guy.

From there Josh took out two guys and my Trips held up against two pair to take out yet another player.

We were four handed with only three getting prizes. CAG had about 5K left after he posted big blind with blinds at 1K – 2K and I had a majority of the chips. He pushed all in after I called in the small blind. I hadn’t looked at my cards and with 48k in my hand I felt like I was invincible and I called his all in blind. He turned over Kh Tenh and I turned over the POWERHOUSE of 6 2 of clubs. I knew I was donating until I flopped the Club flush on the flop and he was drawing DEAD!

“You call blind and he catches. Man, it’s your night.”

From there I let Josh take out the third place finisher and we were heads up. The tournament organizer offered to deal for us until the Laker game was over and offered a chop.

I looked at Josh, who we had discussed chopping if we got heads up.

“I’ll chop proportionally,” I said with a smile since I had him out chipped 2-1.

“Nah, lets play,”Josh said and it was on. I turned into a stealing fool getting him down to about 10K and then he would double up and I would go back and be aggressive, which normally isn’t my play after my last heads up match where I turned aggressive and then had to turn super passive in the last tournament I played in because my big hands were been outdrawn.

Final Hand My King 10 versus his Jack 5. He hit his Jack, I hit my ten and we were off. I thought I would have to grind again until the 10 hit the river.

“Damn, you’ve improved your heads up game,” Josh said to me as we left!

“I’ve had a bunch of practice. OH so much practice!”

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